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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Saturday Morning.. Went to the dentist.. the first step to making.. BRACES.. so waited and got into the room.. then the dentist told me "that once make braces cannot say dont want alrdy ar.." then she ask me whether i know what she going to do to me.. i said no.. so she said she going to mould my teeth and xray.. so then she take this metal thinggy.. and put some pink colour thinggy on it..(the mould) and put im my mouth and press on my teeth.. ... eew it was damn gross.. almost vomit.. and when she took it out..can feel like the teeth stuck to the mould or something like that... and the mould was all over my mouth.. rinse and rinse cannot come out.. must use hand scrap off.. anyway the mould thing was gross.. and i was shivering the whole time.. dunno cold or scared =P

So.. after the mould when to take Xray.. go to the xray room.. then put my head on some x ray machine and it starts moving.. lol it looks like those half-life or those alien game thinggy la.. whatever la.. then.. have to pluck my teeth on 9 december 2006.. darnnit.. sigh..hope can survive..><

after going dentist went to update my passport.. was so freaking long.. then i saw this little boy telling his mum..."WHY SO LONG..... SOO LONGG....." with the grumpy grumpy and sad and angry voice.. lol then i remember last time i was also like that.. haha =X im a impatient boy =P and whenever it was our turn i would sit on the chair.. and stare angrily at the salesperson or the person.. haha.. but now i dont! lol i smile at them okay!

after this went to eat mum ordered 2 bowls of mee pok and they forgotten and i was late for my appointment to the barber to dye my hair =P so we left without eating mee pok.. aww lol

so then i went to dye my hair and do treatment and cut abit also.. haha looks nice la.. punkish man lol =P

came home... eat lunch.. and slept awhile then go to church.... and yea was so tired at night.. slept at around 11pm-12am and forgot to off my comp.. woke up 3am off comp and sleeeep..

next day.. spend whole day at home WoWing.. lol.. Alex and Stacy came to our house and played Mahjong... then at night! my brother came home with his friend's dog.. and open my door and HE said.. " GRRRR" and it shock and scare me.. i jumped and hit my leg.. oww.... lol regretted not playing with that dog.. cause i remember my brother said about this dog which never bark or bite.. and i was surprise too.. when i was shock.. it didnt bark but instead.. look at me innocently... aww so cute.. lol

then Monday.. The BIG day.. have to bring thickskin there.. knowing alot of suaning and scolding.. cause of my hair.. yeah i woke up early lol and manage to reach there in time.. and first teacher to spot my hair was Ms Ong.. she ask me go to the back and we.. talk.. lol (this is roughly what we said)

Ms Ong:(pulling my shirt) is this your home clothes ar? your home is this ar?
Ms Ong: Then?!
Ivan:(smiles innocently)
Ms Ong: you highlight ar?
Ms Ong: Then go the band exchange how?
Ivan: Orh! i not going the band exchange.. i not going for band camp.. i going overseas..
Ms Ong: oh okay.. so i have to take your name out of the list also.. tsk..
Ms Ong: then can at least spray your hair black or something la...
Ivan: orh okay..
Ms Ong: I Don't want to see this again ar!!

so go back fall in.. then have main band.. lol then.. Mrs Vivian Tan came in.. lol and i hide behind the file.. but still see me in the end.. but didnt say anything.. then after main band, Mrs Cassandra Tan came in.. lol and in my mind i say ( Wah Suay la.. 3 teachers.. sian.. lol left Mr Tan..) okay then she saw my hair.. was sooooooooo surprised that she didnt scold me or anything....=D so the teachers talked about the camp and stuffs

and we fall in and they said those not going camp go in band room so i went in.. lol and Mrs Cassandra Tan and Mrs Vivian Tan was in there so this was what happen (roughly nia cant remember)
[After talking to Ethan about why he is not going to the camp]
Mrs Cassandra Tan: then you lea?
Ivan:Going Overseas
Mrs Cassandra Tan: orh okay come come let me see your hair.
(walk to her)
Mrs Cassandra Tan: not bad .. you do your self ar?
Ivan: No..
Mrs Cassandra Tan: orh okay la.. match your skin.. ( T_T too fair liao la me.. sian.. T_T )
Mrs Cassandra Tan: so where you going?
Ivan: China
Mrs Cassandra Tan: orh..
Mrs Vivian Tan: Which part of China?
Ivan: Beijing.
Mrs Cassandra Tan: Which part of China?
Ivan: err.. Beijing. ( Saw mrs vivian tan looking at mrs cassandra tan awkwardly.. Hah! lol )
Mrs Cassandra Tan: orh okay..
Ivan: yea ( starts to walk back )
Mrs Cassandra Tan: Don't dye again next year ar!
Ivan : orh okay okay

then later i found out that Mr Tan went to China.. PHEW =D and for punishment of hair do 30 push ups.. (meh no kick) then chiong go home.. celebrate! lol ( Get ready spray liao.. )

okay so that night i tried to play maple..cant patch.. dled the patch from the website.. cant also! so have to dl the whole client.. T_T then.. when it was going to finish 99% when this stupid pop up thing appear when i was playing WoW and was in danger i close it.. and yeah have to redownload it again sigh.. so when i logged in only found lala online.. lol and was still stuck in Omega Sector.. what the heck.. and then i forgot to blog..

then next day..woke up by my a phone call.. lazy to pick up.. then the caller called my handphone.. so i picked up.. it was my mum..she asked me what i want to eat.. and told me she took half day leave.. i look at my watch.. omg it was 12.30.. lol okay so played WoW whole day.. went out at about 3+pm ? to follow my mum buy 4D and spray.. then night... played Maple.. lol okay then play dota.. then now blogging.. okay .. guess today not much stamina.. going sleep.. ><

1:46 AM

Thursday, November 16, 2006

!! i slept at 4am! and woke up at 7am.. was so freaking tired.. and giddy.. so i walk about.. and decided to sleep again.. woke up 730 bathe and go school..

Band as usual.. then i followed wee ong go to Macs.. rainald went too.. and ah ma , tim, edward, jianhao was there.. lol... and rainald spill his drink... stupid.. =P spend hours there.. then abt 3pm? left macs.. so wee ong wants to photocopy his score.. so i went home..

walk walk walk.. saw the bus go.. crap.. lol waited for another bus.. board it.. and saw Wee ong they all.. lol (wee ong did looked at my direction.. wonder he got see me anot..)

went home.. freaking giddy.. tried to sleep but cant.. and i think i slept abt 5pm +++ and woke up by my mum at 6.20pm+ .. obviously still didnt sleep enough..

so.. at around 11.30 i went to WoW.. played.. till about 1.30am and stopped.. decided to watch Stay Alive at abt 2 or 3am.. hmm forgot.. i watched the starting.. the stupid bloody eye.. the stupid house.. and the stupid girl scream.. creep me out.. and stopped.. lol (starting only! a few secs.. and it was too late to watch that.. lol) so i watch wimbledon.. again starting only then alif talked to me.. and i ask him want to dota? lol okay so we played.. and till now.. 4am.. great.. dun feel tired at all..

i think im turning nocturnal.. this is bad.. real bad... (freaking tired at day.. freaking lively at night.. =/)

4:09 AM

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Monday!! went for band!! again i wasnt late.. yeah!!

So.. Sukit's back.. and alif and youxian didnt come.. lol.. then it rained heavily.. so freaking heavy that the "tiles" from the celling drop down..and the wind was so strong.. lol so feeling ever refreshing..

so went back home..ate lunch.. and sleeep again.. lol(die habit liao.. keep sleeping in the afternoons)
then night played WoW... blah blah blah.. played till about 4.30am?(keep on PvPing.. lol so freaking fun..) and tried to sleep.. but cant..(kept thinking about PvPing! dammit!) lol so about.. 5am+ then managed to sleep.. gahh.. lol.. and of course.. i dreamt about PvPing..-.- its like.. being cursed.. =/

So woke up about 12pm?(because alif called me.. and my phone dropped on the floor so cant really answer it in time..)then i smsed him.. and he call back.. and he said..

Alif:(some freaking loud and noisy sound) [shock me.. wtf..]
Alif:Hello ivan? im going buy warcraft..
Alif:Warcraft 3..(some noisy sound) World of Warcraft...
Alif:no la bluff you one.. i going buy Warcraft3..
Ivan:orh...okay.... ehh original or pirated?
Alif:You think leh?
Ivan: .....(never say anything)
Alif:Original la..
Ivan:orh.. you want me lend you the cd? cause no one playing online.. the battlenet..
Alif: then??
Ivan:we playing hamachi.. lan de..
Alif: orh okay okay okay.. (sounds so sad..)
Ivan:orh bye bye.

wa liews make me like some mood spoiler..feel so guilty..and what the heck.. wake me up just to tell me you gonna buy wc3? lol.. disturb my beauty sleep =( .. so.. okay start to have headaches..

Then alif called again..
Alif:Erm Ivan, should i buy Warcraft 3 or Guild Wars?
Ivan: Anything la..
Alif:Guild Wars can create only one character ar?
Ivan: no ar.. can make alot
Alif: orh okay
Ivan: Guild Wars must have guild then fun.. no guild no fun.. then Guild must be Singapore one also..
Alif: orh okay.. then i don't think i want Guild Wars
Alif: World Of Warcraft worth it anot?
Ivan: ya..
Alif: One month pay how much?
Ivan: $25..
Alif:you got how many months liao?
Ivan: i bought 2 months.. then they give me 1 month free i think.. so got 3 months lor..
Alif: orh okay..
Ivan:hmm .. okay bye bye
Alif: Bye

THEN he called AGAIN..
Alif: Hello ivan? can tell me the system requirements for Warcraft3?
Ivan: har... okay okay wait ar..
(starts to dig out my battlechest.. and look all over it and cant find it)
Ivan: hmmmmmmmm
(then open it up.. search the books inside.. and found!)
Ivan: har.. got so much leh..
Alif: nevermind just tell me one by one
Ivan: blah blah blah blah
Alif: HUH?? i cannot hear you just tell me erm how much space needed?
Ivan:***(forget what i said not bad word hor!)
Alif: okay i have.. then the ***(Ram or videocard cant really remember.. not bad word!)
Ivan: ****(again.. i forgot..)
Alif okay i have it too..
Ivan: wait ar i check my comp 1..... You know WoW 11gb?(trying to stall time) okay WC3 2,088mb
Alif: 2 gig la
Alif: okaaayy.......... i have...
Ivan: okay.. bye bye
Alif: Bye..

....what the hell la.. his in the shop.. and he cant ask the salesperson?.... and must ask me?.... (hair stands) ><

okay so tried to "tong"(tolerate in teochew) but failed.. lol at 4pm.. slept.. and woke up about 6.50pm i think.. and i realise my music from my computer stop playing.. so went to check it out.. so.. nothing really happenned.. so i on the music.. after awhile.. i hear some voices outside of my room(my door is closed) then... i realised my brother is having tuition! ahhh!! lol so i quickly off the sound.. lol.. panic.. =P

Then at 9pm played dota with Alif,Gary,Gerald and Wee Ong and blah blah blah..

Yeap.. i cant sleep thats why im blogging.. so i decided to watch "Shes the man", lol its okay okay.. abit stupid though... but what i really liked is.. THEY PLAYED All-American Rejects Songs in there!!! (Dirty Little Secret and Move Along)

okay i better stop.. or else tomorrow late.. *Pray Hard that wont be late*

and last thing... ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS ROCKS!!! AAR ROCKS!!!!!!!!=P

******The Conversation between Alif and Me not all the words he and i said is exact.. but the main idea is there la..****** ( Alif IF you feel Insulted , I Apologise..)

10:56 PM

Monday, November 13, 2006

On Saturday, Woke up at 11-12am.... so i played WoW then dad came back with all my books.. and have to pack my table.. so cant play WoW =(.. and finally finished.. and it was super dusty.. and kept coughing.. quite disappointed that my Biology textbook isnt the one i was expecting..

At Evening my mum have to attend a wedding dinner so went back home from church with my brother..and on the way we bet what our father is going to buy for us for dinner XD so my brother said " Chicken Wing and Orh Lua(Oyster Omelette) and Huiyi said "Curry Rice" and i say "Wanton Mee and Hokkien Mee"

So we went back and waited.. lol and yea! i won! haha we had Hokkien Mee for dinner.. lol.. it was a lot! then we talked about names.. names that we going to give to our children next time.. lol.. My brother said he want to name his son Shocki.. so his name will be Shocki Ng.. Shocking! lol or something like that... lol XD(cant really remember the other example he gave..)

So the next day.. i went for Catechism and woohoo! it's the last lesson.. and we had a little gathering after the lesson.. then went back home.. and STARVE .. was so freaking hungry.. and cant eat or do anything as my brother's tuition teacher is outside.. so have to starve.. =( lol then i slept.. and woke up.. and watch Meet with parents... lol its a nice show .. lol and yea the bomb bomb bomb part was funny.. ( agrees with Jiexin ) lol.. so played dota with Wee Ong, Gary and Gerald.. lol.. it was fun.. lol and while playing i watched "Friends" lol and it was very funny too.. lol

Okay have to sleep early.. tomorrow have band.. sigh..

1:38 AM

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Yawns.. so tired.. okay..

On Thursday(9 nov) went to Vivo City with my Mum and Sis! Woah that place is huge.. and nice.. so much nice shops!! Zara,Topman,Gap,Levis and many many more! The Zara Suits are damn nice.. haha.. The Tangs in Vivo City is quite small though.. =/ anyway Vivo City rocks! wish can go again next time haha..

So Friday.. i thought i set the alarm at 7am..and it rang at 7.45.. =/.. and yeah! i wasnt late! first time!! =) the whole day was sectional.. slack whole day... waste time.. then went to wee ong house.. get my WC3 disc and give him movies to watch..and played WoW for awhile.. laggy though.. then went home.. sleep.. was freaking tired.Had KFC for dinner.. lol.. now still figuring out the Warcraft3 no cd crack.. sigh.. didnt play WoW much.. also figuring how get that stupid AddOns.. sigh.. lol.. i watched Constantine also.. It was nice.. but Confusing.. they talk so soft! and some scenes just cant be played.. sigh.. but it was nice though..

Anyway You guys asked me to change the font colour.. but.. HOW???

And Whats Up with Channel 5!?!? ... showing Golf on a Friday Night? dammit.. its freaking boring.. sigh.. lol

3:57 AM

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Okay Crap.. i did that 38 questions.. and it turns out like that..(because i copy and paste the questions from jiexin's blog..) Sorry for the inconvenience...8(

Okay i shall describe last night what happen. I was playing WoW and suddenly theres no sound(i was playing songs) then suddenly it have again. So i thought maybe my speakers got problem. and it happened a few more times..Then June said "Scary music starts" lol okay.. So i tried on Full blast. and i can hear the WoW music. So i knew it wasnt my speaker and it was my.. iTunes.. so i open my iTunes and say this "?" beside on song(which means cannot locate that song) so i open my computer and look in my hard disk inside the iTunes folder and found it... Empty.. and then i found everything else Empty..And My WoW got Dced.. and yea i start to panic and i went to ask my brother, Jon, Ken ang and Eoryth! Okay i could not think of anything.. was freaking out.. mind in a state of Chaos.. Confused.. Eoryth asked me to off my computer and plug out the hard disk and on and plug it in again.. Ken Ang DID asked me to do that.. but he was freaking irritating i didn't listen to him.. And yes i did stupid things.. i deleted my WoW and my WC3.. great.. but i managed to install my WoW back last night leaving my computer on.

So i slept at 4am.. and woke up at 9am? and continue sleeping.. till abt 11 or 12.. then i ate lunch and went to shirley and get some long pants for my sec 3 =P. and i spend my afternoon watching MTV.. lol i also played Neopets for awhile.. lol.. it sure brings back memories..

Okay time to sleep. Tomorrow need to wake up for band. Hope i can Wake up.. =/ good luck to me! haha!

10:38 PM

by Jiexin

1)How old do you wish you are?

21! then no more Army and can drive car!

2)What do you do when the vending machines steals your money?

say"What the hell, Nabei. Kope my money" Hit the machine and walk away.

3)Do you count yourself Kind?

yes yes! i help people okay?!

4) If you could be fluent in any other language, what would it be?


5) Do you know your neighbours?

Last time.. now no..

6) Do you follow your horoscope?


7) Would you move for the person you loved?


8) Do you believe that opposites attract?


9) Favorite channel(s)?

MTV,Channel 56, Nickeolodean, Disney =P

10) Favorite place to go on weekends?

My room

11) Showers or Baths?


12) Do you paint your nails?

..What do you think? no la..

13) Do you trust people easily?

yea kinda..

14) What are your phobias?

Insects except Ants and mosquitoes and houseflies.

15) Do you keep a handwritten journal?

Last time.(around primary 1-4) and stopped.. and use the journal for notebook now =P

16) Where would you rather be right now?

Somewhere out there! Pubbing or clubbing or pooling would be nice.. =D

17) Who makes you feel warm and fuzzy?

My Blanket =P

18) Heavy or light sleeper?


19) Are you paranoid?

Not really.. okay kinda.. after that hard disk incident..

20) Are you impatient?


21) What's your favorite pick-up line?

dont really have any pick-up line..

22) What's your main ring tone on your mobile?

it WAS Wake me up when september ends-Green Day until its been sent for repair..

23) What were you doing at midnight last night?

WoWing =P

24) What did the last text on your cellphone say?

"Probably after further explanation from you,with regards to that post.. but yeah, it's interesting :D

25) Most recent movie you watched?

Butterfly Effect

26) Name three things you have on you at all times?

My Necklace, Watch and soon my braces?

27) What color are your bed sheets?

.... Green and blue?

28) What is your favorite part of the chicken?


29) I can't wait till...

Band Ends..

30) How tall are you barefoot?

hmm..? 160++++??

31) Do you own a gun?

My Watergun =P

32) What do you prefer to drink in the morning?

..? water?

33) Where do you think you'll be in 10 yrs?

Hugging my wife.. 8)

34) Last thing you ate?


35) Does someone have a crush on you?

Dont know.. 8(

36) What's your favorite candy?

hmm...? dont know..

37) if you have three wishes, what would they be?

HAH! Wish for Unlimited Wishes and wish everything i want (8.. Damn im smart..

(Perfect Teeth, Bigger Room and.. A Hug!)

38) Four random people to do this!

Melissa (After your O's)

Lala (After Your O's)



9:52 PM

Thank YOU SO MUCH Eoryth! you save my hard disk! Thanks Alot!! =DDD

3:05 AM

Okay lol woke up at 6am+ this morning.. to pee lol.. was freaking urgent.. then i went back to bed.. and woke up by the alarm clock at 7am+.. so i thought okay... let me rest awhile before i wake up .. and.. yeap.. i fell asleep.. then my mum start calling home.. and woke up by one of the calls.. and say the time.. 8.19am.. omg.. and i knew i was going to be late.. lol.. i quickly get ready.. never bathe that morning.. hair abit messy.. lol so rushed there.. reached 9.03.. and Ms Ong come scold me 3 mins nia!! ok i cant think of anything at this moment im panicking like crazy..

Went home and play WoW blah blah blah...(okay im panicking bad..crap cant think of anything!) okay..and i spend my afternoon playing WoW..

Then at night.. =( i went to get some movies from my bro ( constantine, Butterfly Effect, Stay Alive, Wimbledon and Shes the man) okay so i played WoW till 1.50am like that.. and weird things starts to happen.. songs sstart to cut short.. and skipped.. and then.. i got dced from WoW..

And.. i found out.. things in my Hard Disk.. are.... GONE.. 8( and i start to panic... which is now.. im freaking scared.. i went to ask my bro.. and stuffs.. okay and i asked jon.. and he said.. its corrupted.. and im superr scared now.. and panicking.. i dont know what to do.. i want to find ppl to talk to.. but.. its so late!! and no one is online.. i cant play WoW.. my songs are gone.. my Movies too.. Dammit.. i need someone to console me.. =( well Jon did help .. and ken ang aint helping much.. okay and he starts to talk in symbols and stuffs and its irritating me.. and.. i accidentally deleted WC3... SIAN LA hard disk 1 mth old nia.. so fast.. spoil.. why i never take care!?!? 8(.. sigh.. i wish someone could help me.. or at least calm me down at this moment..... sibei kek sim( heart pain) =(.. okay Ken Ang just making me worse.. gahh...

Thanks Eoryth.. you really helped me alot.. =).. Guess i have to play neopets with Jiexin..

... Goodbye WoW.. Musics.. and .. Movies.. =(

2:01 AM

Monday, November 06, 2006

Woo Today morning... Experienced the Lord!! lol.. It all started when my dad woke me up for Catechism class. so i woke up, but lazy to get out of bed. and slowly.. i fell asleep, then suddenly a abit fierce voice shout " IVAN!!" then i woke up and opened my eyes WIDE and saw.. no one..!! lol so... i assume is the Lord calling me to go to Catechism Class.. lol.. so i went to Catechism Class

Reached there and they were setting up the projector and letting us watch the show "Signs From God, Science Tests Faith" lol and they had a hard time setting up.. lol.. then one of the teacher on the fan and took the projector and let the fan blow it awhile.. lol.. it was kinda funny.. lol XD.. okay then we watched that "Signs from God, Science tests Faith" and yeah it was freaky and scary.. lol my hair stand throughout the whole thing.. but it was not as scary as the first one we watched.. i shall not elaborate about what is shown(some might not want to read about it) but you can ask me if you want..8)

After thats over, my uncles came to my house. And one of my uncle was talking about Aikido Shinju-kai.. lol and he brought a Brocheur(dont know how to spell) and read it loud to me.. lol. The description about Aikido was funny and i kept laughing.. lol. Then we had Steamboat for lunch wif my uncles and when we ate the "first round" then my mum come and refill the steamboat. Then after awhile my Uncle hold the soup ladle and wanted to scoop and we all told him its not ready yet then he said "Wa lau, Ivan you see your mummy lar, ask me to eat then not cooked. Trying to make me lao sai ar? " or something like that.. LOL and i kept laughing.. haha.. and we ate and chat and laugh..Then i went to sleep... and my paternal uncle came and took my red tie while i was sleeping.. lol...didnt have a chance to say hi.. ><

Then at night, it wasn't really a peaceful night. lol got quarrels.. and got "Wars" lol XD not gonna talk about it..

Sian lea tomorrow got band.. haha Lol noticed i use lea? and not leh?!? lol! i have the June Disease! lol XD just kidding 8P

Oh ya and remember this thing, Think Twice before you say you it might mean nothing but to another it means alot.. One of the commandment.. Thall shall not might not only mean that murdering is a sin.. Using WORDS to kill or hurt people feelings.. its also a SIN .. so.. Watch you words =)

Okay Off To bed!
| [O] |
| /|\ |
| /\ | Lol Got nothing to do 8P

12:10 AM

Sunday, November 05, 2006

okay today added a new tagboard and some links hehe..^^

Well nothing much really happen today.. haha .. woke up.. and found.. my parents missing! and thought that they went to church.. but after awhile they still missing! haha okay.. and i was starving.. with no lunch.. =( and they came back around .. 2pm+? lol and it turns out that they went shopping and bought this steamboat.. and its kinda small .. lol and my mum was so excited bout it.. lol.. then i went to church and reached abt 6.18pm and was late.. lol.. and the whole session i was in a daze...(fell asleep before going to church and havnt really woke up..) and yea i didn't listen to what the priest says.. was dazing.. stoning.. lol.. okay then after that i went home.. and Gawd.. i was tired.. but i manage to survive till 2.23am!! =D okay off to bed now..

2:21 AM

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Finally! Deleted All my posts and change skin! And Yup! my Blog's Back Again..not Really Complete.. and Dont Really Know How Long it will last but at least i remove those embarrassing things i wrote... lol..While Deleting my posts .. it sure brings back memories.. haha.. yawns its 3.25am right now!! haha played WoW till 2.30am then went to edit my blog 8) crazy... i spend hours finding a party for Gnomeregan(dungeon) don't understand why people so afraid of that ... okay enough of WoW.. lol anyway on Wednesday (1st nov 06) at 1am.. timothy come tell me that need do and handup that chinese project.. and yup.. of course i panic.. lol and the next day.. i woke up.. and told justin hoping he could help me pass it up for me as the journey from my house to school and back is 1 hour! and if i go and JUST to hand up that stupid project.. i waste like.. 1 hour.. sadly didnt ask justin.. lol but we decide to meet and hand in together.. so i was on my way.. and it just stop raining.. then when i crossed a road.. i realised i forgot my wallet.. and i rush back and took it.. and only my way down the stairs.. yep.. i slipped and fell.. and ouch.. it does hurts..(jiexin must be laughing like mad if she sees this..) and i was holding my ipod when i fell! i quickly stand and check whether my ipod is okay.. lol and i saw someone walked pass.. then i continue down the stairs and saw this kindergarden girl looking worried (guess must be worried bout me.. haha so sweet..) but the maid was pulling her lol.. then i went to school and met justin and when on my way back.. at the central i slipped at those giants steps.. and ouch.. again.. and since the floor was wet my pants was wet too.. luckily my house was nearby 8P and yes.. so many people around none cares.. wa liews...and on friday i went for band.. and My Whole Section Did Not Come.. Only Me... and i have to check for the spoiled instruments.. and write down.. and carry this and that.. and blah blah blah.. and yea it was kinda tiring.. haha.. later during the main band yea everyone all blamed me.. for the timing..gahh.. lol .. oooh its 3.43 am liao.. and on ch.5 theres the show Battle of the network reality stars.. lol interesting i want go watch!!!

3:31 AM

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