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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Finally i update huh? hehe (: Firstly, Happy Chinese New Year Everyone! Okay so now update for my teeth first. Now i have to wear the headgear ): [If you do not know what is that,go to yahoo and type headgear and check it out yourself] Sigh so the first time i put it on was so freaking depressed. Hah.

Okay so about Chinese New Year! On Friday, after my school's celebration,have to go for band meeting and do physics spa and biology test. Sheesh kinda feel crappy doing such stuffs on such umm "joyous" occasion. So after the biology test, we were walking out of school and discussing whether to go and visit sir, so before exiting the school we saw sir at the gate where the primary and secondary school combines and it was locked. So sir was surrounded by many of his students, so we didnt really went to say hi ): but anyway we saw Mrs Christine Yeo (: [as pretty as always =X ] so after that went home.

On Saturday! Chinese New Year Eve! (: nothing special really happened in the afternoon. We were suppose to go to our Uncle's house[father side] for dinner, and my bro was working. So we went to fetch him then together go to my uncle's house for dinner. So we waited and waited, drove in circles, parked somewhere till police came and drove in circles. After 1 hour or so , he finally came then we went to the dinner hehe. So ate dinner and chat was fun.

And At last! Chinese New Year! Went to church in the morning! Wore a White long sleeve shirt, Black long pants, and a striped white and black tie. so after the church we went to our uncle's house[mother side]. It was kinda empty, wasn't many people came yet. And my whole family was tired and so we went home first and sleep and came back later. So yeah when we were on our way out we saw Mer and her family! haha! what luck =/ so only me and my dad went back at around 3pm+? and they were playing Blackjack so i went to spectate. Untill lao chek came and we went to play Blackjack among ourselves [ Me,Mer,Jes,Angie,Crystal,Celine ] haha was fun, and was lucky too :P all my cards was either Blackjack or 5cards. [ sometimes pay double kay.] hah and i cant forget last year! was so damn lucky in Blackjack and was like when i have 16 and i just take card without hesitation and got like a 5 and total is 21. and it happened more than once.. a few times. yeah i didnt lose money THAT year. haha but this year lost ): hah anyway after awhile crystal had to go ): Mer back out and we were playing Daidi. Yeah then Uncle Pat came and said he wanted to play Blackjack so we told him after dinner since dinner was going to be served soon. so we cleared up the place and have dinner then continue with our blackjack with mer joining back in. lol. then around 10+ mer had to go and we stopped awhile and continue later with blackjack with me unclepat my bro and celine. And there was this round that Me and Celine had Blackjack. So my Brother was the banker, then when he saw that he was like sad. then he opened his cards and he also got a blackjack. haha! what luck! then uncle pat said that we do not need to pay cause equal. lol anyway after that we went home.

Then Monday! 2nd day! woke up eat abit then went to wash up and bathe and get ready to go to my uncle house [dad side] for belinda's birthday and also chinese new year. so yeah we went and we also had to eat there.. lol was so full since we ate at home already. kay so after the lunch we went home and alex and stacy came for some mahjong! after awhile i went to take over my sister lol lose la this year not much luck. then uncle pat and aunty veron and aunty helen and lucas came to our house lol. so yeah they chat and gossip while we play mahjong haha. then around 11pm+ they went home. Then Alex had to go. So around 12midnight+ or earlier Me,my sis,my bro and stacy went to Mr Beans to eat yo! eat till so full and sleepy.. haha and came home around 1.45am. yeah so thats all.

Updated liao. will try to update more often. well to tell the truth, i kinda hate chinese new year. i have no idea why, but i love Christmas. I find Chinese new year abit tooooo Red and WARM and noisy,i dont care about the money. yeah dont know why but i hate chinese new year. ):

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