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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sorry for not updating,all because of blogger! The yahoo thinggy, i didnt know it was that easy, lol =/.

So 12th April. SYF Day. Lol We bluff our PE teacher that due to SYF we cannot run 2.4km( the trail) or else later breathless haha what crap. XD So half of chemistry lesson was gone cause leave for SYF. So after practicing and stuffs, we head to SCH. Yeah,then we queued and go to the room where we warm up and i dont know why i was so freaking nervous there. HAHAHA. Anyway after that our VP came to talk to us and he was staring at me. Because of my fringe..ahahaha so i keep looking down but who cares? what is he going to do there? cut my hair in SCH with his hand? XD Yeah so after all this crap we were waiting outside for our turn.

It all happen so fast, they called our school, i walked up the stage like walking up the stage in the school hall having no sense of nervousness. Well the nervousness comes when the first song starts(Singapore Sunrise), scared not enough breath or start too early or late or something like that but yeah it worked out somehow (: after a few bars obviously i dont feel nervous anymore =D infact i feel better than in the school hall. After playing sunrise, Mr Sukit gave a thumbs up to us which really made me think that it was fabulous. LOL (actually it sucks badly) So then we played Flight of the Falcon and i think i played the best there among all the practices and stuffs( GOT ULCER SOMEMORE) and kinda proud of that :D

So after that Miss Ong allowed us to stay for results yay! and while waiting for the rest of the bands there was this guard there at the stairs guarding and we were talking loads of cock to him
Jeremy:Psst! Psst!(waving asking the guard to come)
Guard: Yeah?
Jeremy: Do you accept bribes?
Guard: Nonono, i dont accept bribes. I'm very loyal. (smiling/laughing)
Guard: Montfort ah, you all full of crap you know. you all going to be the last to go in.

But in the end we did not go in last. haha. so went we went in, we got seperated due to lack of seats, how sad. ): So everyone was nervous and stuffs then they announce the results.

Band Number Ninety Seven, Montfort Secondary School,.........................................BRONZE.

Yeah everyone was disappointed. And i notice something, when our results we announce there wasnt any screaming sound, hah. So went back to bus and cheered up. haha:) We were waving to the schools good bye and was singing, playing instruments and joking at the back of the bus hahaa. It was the most enjoyable ride ever. So after SYF we went out for dinner, i ordered Chicken Cutlet and its FREAKISHLY HUGE! HAHA and everyone starts coping my food.. -_- lol.

One Week Later, My hair was caught and was send down to the Discipline Master and zoom, my fringe is gone and look like bowl LOL ><

Then Monday, We went for the Badminton Finals, Montfort Seconday School vs Singapore Sports School. I was feeling warm, lethargic,tired,bored and screwed up. Some rounds were exciting. But anyway there was this time,Me,gavilan,wee,clarence,joseph and somemore cant remember went to walk around, so we were finding the toilet and instead we found KFC but guarded by a teacher. So we walked up to her ( actually wanted to go KFC/PizzaHut but got teacher -_-)
Ivan: Where is the toilet?
Teacher: Over there *points*
Dickson: Where is KFC?

Lol dickson...

Anyway the toilet there stinks like mad.

AND YAHOOOOOOOOOO I PASSED 2.4KM FINALLY! After Three YEARS! And by 10 secs! HAHAHAHA How embarrassing.. but who cares?! HAHAHAHA WEEE :D:D:D:D I could have done better but because of the stupid car which made us stop running , i lost my "Momentum" or whatever it is spelled. The moment i stopped, i can feel the blood rushing or dropping not sure to my head, and my vision went blur for awhile and got dizzy haha. After running awhile can feel my heartbeat, wooh.

Sigh Mid Year is next week, wish me luck.

1:34 AM

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Kay weeee im blogging~ lol. =/

Yeah it's Saturday today. Oh wait, i mean yesterday :P

So yeah. Saturday! The day of the exchange at Maris Stella High! And was requested to blog about it. Heh.

So,Today's exchange. WAS TOTALLY EMBARRASSING FOR US. Damn we were like the lousiest among all of the schools there. Totally no face. All the other bands were also so much bigger than ours, we are like some small fry doing some stupid things infront of them. How embarrassing.

Yeah, so we went there and set up instruments and stuffs then warm up and take note of our seating.Then queue up to go up and play. We are the umm Fourth band though we were told third by mr sukit lol. Kay we totally screwed up both songs. so yeah shut up. And screw you Jasper for dropping that thinggy which i dont know how to type. zzz.

Only two schools played Safari, Bedok North and Whitley. Hah! i loved Bedok North's Alto sax solo for safari. was kinda funny when that guy/girl played the solo everyone went "GASPS" HAHA. And there two schools which played Seventh Night Of July, Whitley and Marsiling(i think.. dont know whether spell correctly or not. :P) . And one pathetic school which played Flight of the Falcon and screwed it up. I WONDER WHICH SCHOOL.. HMMM.... Kay whatever.

Yeah ending here. Short post. Happy? :D Sigh, Hope our band gets better and get something good for SYF. *Prays Hard*

1:41 AM

Monday, April 02, 2007

Oh great, Its April. ):

Anyway sorry for not updating for a LONG time, and sorry it's going to be another long post. =P

So, Let me start!

Hmm, lets recall. okie!

So there was Band Camp, just play instruments all day. How boring. The exchange with Xinmin was canceled because their band teacher is busy(GERALD!). But anyway at night, we were marching and jeremy was the timer and was making fun of NPCC and NCC. haha was freaking funny. Then later in the night, some of them were playing badminton in the hall because on door of the hall wasnt locked. And we were caught while trying to run back. How sad):

So after the Band camp, there was the Sec3 level camp!
FIRST day we went there and was divided into groups. Then we did campcraft, played some games and cook our dinner.Nothing much on first day. Then sleep. And have to wake up 3am in the morning or something cant remember.

SECOND day, yeah have to wake up EARLY in the morning for the crazy walk from Changi to Assumption English aka Montfort Centre. So at first it was okay, then towards the morning i was totally dying. AND I CANT BELIEVE I SLEEP WALK LOL. I was like walking walking walking then close my eyes and keep walking then slowly sleep and will not walk straightly like some drunk guy or i will drop my water bottle or something im holding or i will nearly fall. haha. Anyway we had this piece of biscuit for breakfast and 1 piece of bread and 2 chocolate bars for lunch. Madness huh? Then we walked into MacRitchie Reservoir and walked to a dead end. We didnt know the gate would be locked and could not go on further. So we have to walk back and find another way. So yeah we didnt make it to Assumption English and got stuck in MacRitchie Reservoir ( ITS A CRAZY AND MAD PLACE ). Then had a meeting in the evening and requested for packed food and stuffs. =D. OH YA AND CRAZY! IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT LIKE 4AM EVERYONE WAS PEACEFULLY SLEEPING THEN THE INSTRUCTORS ALL WAKE US UP CAUSE SOME PEOPLE ARE MISSING. DAMN I HATE THAT SIREN SOUND!

THIRD day! Sea Expedition! Canoeing ! what i am looking forward to!
So we learn how to canoe and then canoe to Loyang Beach. Teamed up with Poh Shen. Loyang Beach IS FULL OF MUD and the mud is damn soft(obviously :P) and your leg can sink inside and hard to take it out. Crazy. My legs and shoe were alll muddy. Anyway we had lunch there and when we were SUPPOSE to head to Coney Island the tide came in and a storm approaching. The canoe was hard to control but we managed to get to shore =D Then we get extra food and get packed food thanks to the GREAT INSTRUCTOR. lol. Dont really know his name but know he said that people call him a MotherF**king cb.. lol. So we set up this like umm forget what is it called but is a huge kind of tent but didnt sleep inside we slept outside on the grass with the provided sleeping bags thanks to that instructor. And Me, Chong jun, Ignatius, Ashwin, Viknesh, Nicholas( YELLOW PEH HOR!) slept as a group and me , chong jun ,ignatius and ashwin were making fun of viknesh and nicholas and was laughing and laughing..

FOURTH AND LAST DAY! We Canoed to CONEY ISLAND! Then we went swimming there and after awhile the instructor asked us whether want to play a game. Kay so this game was to get 10 people(i think) on a kayak. crazy? hah. Then we have to stop in the middle of the game because some instructor say that the jellyfish are coming, so everyone acted pretty retarded including me and was screaming and running to shore screaming JELLYFISH JELLY FISH! and poor Ashwin, his shoe came off and float somewhere, and i being retarded i pushed him and he fell to the water still shouting about his shoe! lol SORRY ASHWIN FOR PUSHING YOU! i didnt know why i do that. but... LOL IT WAS HILARIOUS :P Then we canoed back and my hand often got cramps. Then went back. OH YEAH IT WAS MY SISTER'S BIRTHDAY ON THAT DAY TOO! 16th MARCH! So when i came back, slept for awhile on the chair. Then went out for dinner with my sis,bro,brofren,sisfren lol in short Mahjong Kakees. XD.

Okay so after that nothing much really happen that made me remember.

Then the Whitley Exchange! My First Exchange! We had sectionals at first, You Xian was such a disgrace. So was i, Squeeking when playing the scale HOW EMBARRASSING. Yeah then we played games together. wee~ xD then had our break, warm up a little while more and went for refreshments! Then had the full run through. Okay so Montfort went first. We play play play and totally SUCKS. Then when whitley plays.. oh my gawd.WE GOT OWNED BAD. They were like damn good! and yeah their safari was nice! and Seventh Night Of July is AWESOME lol.Trumpet was SO LOUD WOOOH~! Anyway i loved the Seventh Night Of July best lar! I got all crazy about it.. lol im listening to the song right now. i even went to read about the history since the previous Festspiel(Whitley concert, dont know whether i spelled correctly or not. Sorry if i did!) talked about it.Anyway Whitley you rocks! XD

Oh yeah April Fools. Dickson that ass came to prank me saying that our band was disqualified for SYF. cheh. Sigh. i dont know why but Saturdays have something against me. Saturday is a bad day. And April is a bad Month. Anyway SYF coming! Wish us luck! All the best montfort.. =/

The Story of The Seventh Night Of July
In late summer, the stars Altair and Vega are high in the night sky, and the Chinese tell the following love story, of which there are many variations:

A young cowherd named Niulang (Chinese: 牛郎; pinyin: niú láng, "the cowherd", the star Altair) happens across seven fairy sisters bathing in a lake. Encouraged by his mischievous companion the ox, he steals their clothes and waits to see what will happen. The fairy sisters elect the youngest and most beautiful sister Zhinü (Simplified Chinese: 织女; Traditional Chinese: 織女; pinyin: zhī nǚ, "the weaver girl", the star Vega) to retrieve their clothing. She does so, but since Niulang sees her naked she must agree to his request for marriage. She proves to be a wonderful wife, and Niulang a good husband, and they are very happy together. But the Goddess of Heaven (in some versions Zhinü's mother) finds out that a mere mortal has married one of the fairy girls and is furious. (In another version, the Goddess forced the weaver fairy back to her former duty of weaving colorful clouds in the sky because she could not do her job while married to the mortal.) Taking out her hairpin, the Goddess scratches a wide river in the sky to separate the two lovers forever (thus forming the Milky Way, which separates Altair and Vega).

Zhinü must sit forever on one side of the river, sadly weaving on her loom, while Niulang watches her from afar and takes care of their two children (his flanking stars β and γ Aquilae).

But once a year all the magpies in the world take pity on them and fly up into heaven to form a bridge (鵲橋, "the bridge of magpies", Que Qiao) over the star Deneb in the Cygnus constellation so the lovers may be together for a single night, the seventh night of the seventh moon.



Finally updated my blog hehe! :D

11:59 PM

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