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Sunday, May 27, 2007



2:39 AM

Monday, May 14, 2007

Sigh, have gotten not so good results so far. 2 Fail. Gah..

When i think of the June Holidays..... i suddenly feel damn lost and very sad.. i dont know know why.. ):

SIGH................................... ):


10:55 PM

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Exams are over. And i fall sick. Damn. =/
The damn mosquito bite on my butt is still there and still itches. It has been there for like more than a month.Few weeks.
I slept the whole day. Morning went to dentist and doctor, dentist say making lower teeth braces soon. and sleep WHOLE DAY and my parents didnt wake me up to go church ):
Urgh still dont feel so well. Hope i recover faster and hope that stupid bite heals soon. =/


11:29 PM

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ahh! Exam Period. And totally procrastinating =/. Cant Concentrate. Damn.

Yeah so after one of the papers(which i have forgotten but was last week), as usual took 147 home. And yeah that morning i used up the very last bit of the battery in my iPod ): . so it was a double decker 147, so i went to the upper deck and saw loads of IRRITATING BENGS AND LIANS at the back, so i sit at infront. And they were blasting their stupid irritating songs loud, and also sometimes singing. GAWD. Then a few seats infront of me, another asshole blasting techno songs WHICH I REALLY HATE. Then become a stupid "handphone blasting songs competition". =/ Then behind me was another dude, kay he was listening to his mp3, at least have a headset BUT THEN he was singing what he was listening. Lol. Yeah i was pretty much irritated. And the worse thing was, MY IPOD NO BATTERY ):

Anyway, why must people blast their stupid irritating songs? Why cant they just use headset? even if they DESPERATELY wants to listen to songs and forgotten to bring headset they do not need to blast.. Blast for what? let the whole bus know you listening to song? and which the song really sucks and showing off how sucky your taste is? lol =/ kay enough of those irritating buggers or should i say "BURGERS" quoted from MR TAN GEOK HEAN. XD

So far last week's paper isnt any kick :P *shows off* :) But the real battle begins this week. All three sciences:Pure Physics,Combine Chemistry and Combine Biology. Elective History, E-Maths paper2 and A-Maths. WOOH~

Yesterday was HISTORY and ***PURE PHYSICS***[THE SUBJECT I HATE MOST THANKS TO _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (: Fill in the blanks] History History.. Source based questions was about Stalin and yeah had some difficulties. Then the ESSAY question, 2 essay questions were give and 1 question have 2 essays. Wow, terrific. And both questions the part (b) i dont know how to do :). So i chose the 2nd question which was about the League of Nations, why was it unable to blahblahblah (forgot) and the part b was the US assistance to Germany "PROFIT" Weimar republic? (the profit isnt the question, but the meaning the same :P. i think..=/). kay that was history.

Then next paper, ***PURE PHYSICS***.
Before the paper starts.

[whole class was grumbling saying fail le la..]
Mrs Lee: Why you all think you will fail? You havn't even look at the paper yet.
3e2: Fail le la, no need see also know. Confirm fail one.

So yeah the physics paper SURPRISINGLY was EASIER than the previous TESTS which had SOURCE BASE QUESTIONS ( YES SOURCE BASE QUESTIONS ON PHYSICS PAPER. GREAT HUH? ) But because of the STUPID vector diagram, i dont have time to complete finish the paper. Section C last two questions didnt do, 18marks gone. ): Yes the stupid vector diagram fault. I put my scale 1cm is 50N. so i have to draw 150N and 200N which is 3cm and 4cm. But i draw 2cm and 4cm, so i erase i do again. After drawing finish, i realise what i draw was pretty REDUNDANT. And i erase again, and draw out the correct one with correct measurements. Yeap, that ate lots of my time. kay so enough of the stupid Physics paper. Hope i will pass though. =/

And today was CHEMISTRY paper! YAY! We were give 1hour 30 mins to complete the paper.
Section A and B was pretty easy, i completed it in 30 mins. So yeah i had 1 hour to do section C.
and there, i stare at the first question and think and think and think and think and think...etc.
The question was,
Explain clearly with a diagram, how to obtain a dry sample of Copper(II) Sulphate when Copper(II) Sulphate is mixed with Sand and Salt.
Crap, Mrs Tan did give us this question before on a practice worksheet and which the answers was on lead. and the night before i was thinking of checking the answers but decided not too. Crap.

I stared at the damn question for 30 mins. THIRTY MINUTES, HALF AN HOUR. And decided to skip it. LOL. So i quickly did the rest of Section C which WAS EASY TOO. And about 10-15minutes left and i went back to that question. So i said add water and filtrate it. Residue is Mixture of Sand and Copper(II) Sulphate and Filtrate is Salt solution. Yup, i was wrong. After the paper i was told we did this experiment before........ ): OH YEAH. After looking at the OTAS paper that was passed down for Chemistry, i realised something. I FORGOT TO WRITE MY REGISTER NUMBER FOR THE PHYSICS' OTAS PAPER. OH MY GOSH!

Gah, damn it.

Tomorrow's paper is E Maths paper 2 and *BIOLOGY*. Sigh.

I realise something, i cant focus, i cant concentrate. Everytime i meet a problem, i will think,think,think and soon lose concentration and space out thinking of other stuffs.Until, i think of what am i doing here? And boom.


11:25 AM

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