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Monday, January 15, 2007

Time to update! =)

Secondary Three Life.

Gawd. Long pants! =/. Sec 3 life is freaking tiring. Heavy Books = Heavy Bags. Sigh.
Every Monday Wednesday Friday, I 9pm then can come home [cca till 6, tuition 7-9]
Tuesday 3.30 release from class. 5-7 have tuition.
Thursday 3.30 release from class. 4+ to 5+ have tuition.
Everyday is a busy day. -_- super tiring.

Okay so first day went to school. So many people keep saying still can see my hair brown. -_- so during the check luckily my teacher didnt catch. Phew. So after the check i was going to walk up the stairs till someone pulled me. Turn back. was the hod of chinese.[my ex chinese teacher] lol she asked me whether i got dye my hair and i stupidly said yes. =P then she said your form teacher didnt catch? i said nope =D then she asked me to dye more black -_- oh well. lol

So after school when to dye my hair black.

Anyway, History class is much more interesting with Mr Tan! lol rather than.. urm.. lalala~
okay heck with the stupid subjects and all..

Anyway the other time i went to Zara, i bought this greyish jeans! wooooots i love itt =DD
damn this post is freaking boring..=/

Thursday. My WoW Expires.

Friday. Just as i thought can sleep late and wake up late, i remember theres cca day tomorrow-_-

Saturday! the CCA DAY! the stupid sec 1.. cause me dont have enough sleep.. slap their freaking face. anyway i reached about 7.30+ we warm up then play .. blah blah blah.. then we played this four songs for that day la "Rich Girl, Pink Panther Meets Flintstone, The circle of life, Shrek Dance Party(Yes my stupid solo again..)" and my ulcer got a little bit better though =D. so we played the songs blah blah blah.. then come to my solo .. gahh nevermind dont feel like talking about it..=/ Anyway after the songs, we suppse to grab those sec 1s while some others got ensemble..

Lol those people playing the ensemble really look like some retards.. =X LUCKILY i didnt join. =/ nobody was even listening to them and i dont even know who they are playing for..=/ and they arent that loud so from not so far.. they look like some idiots holding instrument and standing there.. =/ Lol. then the stupid drama club thinggy came with those costumes and one of them was this freaking scary mask.. with the eye ball dangling and all the blood and he is carrying this "Knife" lol.. then freaking disturbing mask makes me really want to slap it. Lol so me and wee ong saw gideon poking that mask's eye.. lol then wee ong ask gideon"he your friend ar?" lol then gideon say ya.. lol then wee ong go use the Montfiesta thinggy he holding and go whack the guys head.. LOL! SO FUNNY! LOL then the guy go find wee ong.. lol then just look at him and walk away.. LOL Stupid sia.. looks so funny.. lol

Anyway Ray throwing mace thing rocks la.. but was ruined my those stupid sec 1 la.. they were playing.. and running around when ray was spinning and throwing the mace.. totally disturb and interrupt him la.. one even run run run then fall down right in front of him.. lol stupid sec 1.. I think ray could have catch if the stupid sec 1 wasnt near there.. hope the stupid mace drop on them la.. lol

then Sunday! went for cathetism..same things la..then after that went to zara! lol yes Zara Again! bought this black and white polo.. rocks yo! lol kay then do homework watch the day after tomorrow blah blah blah..

Damn this freaking post is so Freaking boring.. sorry!

1:21 AM

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