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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Waddup yo! haha! Merry Christmas!(dont tell me christmas is over..Christmas have 12 days yo.. Wake up!) Anyway been busy this few days....... with the dentist. -_-" Kay so it was 21st or 22nd cant remember. The dentist called me in the morning about 11.30am. (slept at 5am or 6am yo!) So i answered and she asked me to go down at 2pm, and she didnt tell me in advance! as usual..

So okay 2pm.. so i looked at my watch it was 11.30am, then i thought still got so much time! so i slept..and kept dreaming it was already 2pm..and woke up and havnt reach 2pm and sleep again.. Irritating. lol. so i sleep and wake up and sleep and wake up till i finally decided to call my mum to tell her about the appointment. Then i looked at my watch. 1.45pm. Wow.. Great =)

So i asked my mum go help me call them and ask them to postpone it. Obviously the Dentist said no and have to come or it's too late! damn so the appointment shifted to 4pm. kay so i went there at 4pm (taxi again=P) so then the Assistant asked me whether the taxi is waiting for me since they said check for the seperator only.So i told them Nope. Regretted, yeah Regretted. I was the last patient yo!! They even locked up the door and im still inside with the staffs. And i have to put this big metal thing and not the seperator (i think its called Bracket) and yeah it hurts and its VERY uncomfortable!

So then after that my mum called me and told me to go to Kovan and she buy food for me and then she go to Lao Chek's House (my Granduncle) cause he just had an eye operation. So went there and she tricked me -_- and i ended up visiting my granduncle. Oh well =P. Then went back and suffer. And was thinking, Christmas is round the cornor and how am i suppose to eat with this on?!

Well i cant talk properly too! i feel like some retard.

Okay this is going to be quite disgusting. Skip reading this paragraph if you want. Whenever i eat food.. the stupid food will be stuck on top of that metal thing. And i have to either use my tongue to DIG it out or use water to wash it down. (obviously Swallow) lol =P and i cant laugh either. or else the food will all fly out.. LOL

Okay 23rd december. Went out with my brother and sister! went to ikea to exchange for the mat first. Then we split up and meet later. So my sister went to Wisma and my brother and huiyi and me went to City hall i think. We went to Topshop/Topman and i bought Tie! looks nice yo! Then my brother and huiyi went to La Senza and i waited outside.. lalala~

Then we went to town and meet up with my sister. Then we went Mango(Huiyi and My sister.Im not gay yo!) Lol so my sis is deciding whether to buy the jeans or not and my brother is talking about the big bet his going to do that night and then we measured our neck length.. LOL (nothing to do yo!) so we spend quite long in Mango. Then my sister flip coin deciding whether to buy the jeans. lol anyway in the end she bought it. Then we headed to Paragon's Ben Sherman and AX(A|X looks nicer =P)

Well, my brother didnt manage to get the shirt he wanted so we went to Ben Sherman and get this shirt which looks very nice on him . hehe yeah. Then guess we headed home.

Then Christmas Eve! woohoo! Relatives came before i was ready . Damn . so i quickly bathe and changed into Plain White T-Shirt + Jeans + Blazer = Ownage. [Tier 1( lol ignore that some WoW thing.. =P)] Yeah, the feeling of wearing that is Damn Shiok! is like im the Top of the world yo! lol so then we celebrated and i manage to eat abit. well okay quite alot. The Turkey was great! so was the fried rice and the sambal prawns were looking Awesome but didnt get to try. =( then my relatives played Blackjack with my dad as the banker i think. Didnt really play. lol

Then it was about 11pm+ then we get ready for midnight mass! so i wore Black Long Sleeve shirt+Black Long pants + black Blazer = OWNAGE x2 YO! [Tier 2(WoW thing also)] so went to church and was abit worried cause i cant even pronounce Christmas with the bracket on ! And if someone wishes me Merry Christmas i have to like, say MERRY christmas (Merry loud christmas VERY SOFT) lol. During mass the holy communion, i saw Louis(from band)! XD looking good yo! but he didnt look at me .. =( So after mass we meet up with Celine and then my brother is going out to meet his friends. So my parents went to fetch my brother to his friends, and me and my sis went with Celine and she fetched us home. So Celine and my sister went to buy Macs after we reached home (yeah i cant eat i just drink ice milo...) so i think celine stayed at my house till 7am.. i slept at 6am.. buay tahan =P Didnt really manage to take photo of myself in my suit.. aww lol

So on Christmas day! Alex and Stacy came to our house and play mahjong! so it was mahjong whole day. Ate Turkey Roll for lunch and was Awesome! then around 9.30pm. Alex,huiyi,my brother and me went out for dinner.. XD So was deciding where to eat. Either New York New York or Manhattan Fish market. and we ended up eating at New York New York at 10pm! And it was delicious yo! then we went home.

The Next day! it was our Guild Meeting for chimera in GW! went to tuition first. anyway i wore the same thing as i wore on christmas eve! tier set 1 XD the plain white t-shirt+jeans+blazer! then we meet up in PS. so when i was reaching Dhoby Ghaut i smsed Zeph,Saph and Eoryth.(only have their number) and asked them where they were. So Eoryth called me.

He said he was opposite Carls Jr. then i was like uhhh PS GOT CARLS JR!?!?!? and i thought i go wrong place. So i just heck and just walk and see. and yeah i saw the Carls Jr. HAHAHA stupid me. then Zeph called me and asked me where i am so i told her at Carls Jr. and she also blur.. wahahahha XD then we went up and met Saphy! and later Jui and her bf and then Mao and lala haha. eat burger king for dinner! then we walked to Cathay and hated the rain.. then we meet with Obbie and his wife and we watched Night At The Musuem! Lol LOVED IT! it was so funny haha! xD

Kay so the next day, have to go dentist again-_- and it was told that suppose to put Braces! ahhh! and the dentist asked me to bring a family member also. okay. so my mum went. and then i didnt have to put braces yet! need a month or two! YAY! and so the dentist teached my mum how to tighten my bracket and she didnt dare and told the dentist that she will bring me back next saturday with my brother or dad or even every saturday... -_- Waste of my time.

Sigh school is reopening..=/. Dont know why i still think theres no school. and i switch back to school sleeping style! Every night my earliest i have sleep is like 5am. and wake up earliest 1pm. by then school is over.. LOL =P and everytime at 5-7 feel very tired very lethargic and at 3am-5am SUPER ENERGETIC! ahhh im nocturnal.. ahahaha. Sigh saw Aaron's nick. Band is starting on the day school starts and that sucks! GAHHH band.. bleah.

Dont even know whether i can play. With my Bracket on.. -_- and serious pressure for solo and stuffs! AHHH I HATE IT! =/

Life starts to sucks when school starts. I really feel like quitting band. But i will not. not after the competition. =/ i might not quit though.. who knows? =P Let me adapt first.

Okay im off to bed. Think im going Zara tomorrow morning. sigh.. Life sucks yo! Earthquake sucks too yo! stupid lag.

3:20 AM

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Okay.. time to update! =D sorry for not updating, the reason? One Word. Lazy.=P

So Last week.. Saturday.. i went to the DENTIST !! ahhhh its time for me to extract my teeth! ahhhhh! lol was kinda mentally prepared, so i went into the room, and still not afraid! =D so i lie down on the chair... waiting for the dentist.. so she took the mould of my mouth from last time out, and starts to examine it. Then, she took the Xray pictures out too. Then i started to get nervous..was like.. what the heck.. take so much thing to examine.. sure die one.. pluck like nobody business.. GG T_T. Then she asked me to call my mum in. So i called. Then she came in.. then they discuss about my teeth, they discuss about my teeth. The dentist said my mouth looks FLAT. She said i look quite handsome( THANKS LAR =D ) but the only not nice thing is the mouth. She said i have high nose, then my cheeks, but only my mouth flat! (Damn It!) And she say due to my condition of my teeth my mouth looks flat.. if i make it straight or pluck it out it might be flatter (Amen.) So she said NO NEED TO PLUCK TEETH!! (Praise the lord!) so my mum went out of the room.

Then the dentist clean my teeth(bet shes just finding time to think.), Then after that she told me that i need to put this BIG ROUND THING ( looks like some nerd.. If you watched "Shes The Man" the girl with the braces and that big round thing that straps around the neck? thats the one..gawd..) Then she say need wear for at least 10 hours, 10-14 hours. Then i was hesitating.(actually just counting where can i go or what can i do during that 10-14 hours.. and realise can do it in sleep and when i came home) so then i agreed. BUT then the dentist hesitate now, she's scared i wont wear it consistently. So then she put some 4 Seperator(some blue rubber band that seperates your teeth apart) in my mouth.. and okay it was abit pain.

So Next morning they suddenly called and ask me to go down and put four more!(nooooo) and after putting it was like.. total upper jaw disabled. Cant bite. Cant anything. And asked me to go on Wednesday and make a new mould.I Felt damn crappy. cant eat anything except porridge. Sigh.

So Wednesday, My uncle fetched me to the Dental Clinic. So i went to make the mould, and she said she wanted to take photo of my teeth (by the way she also took photo of me on Sat) and i have to remove all the seperator(YAY!!!!) and put it back again(OH MY....T_T). So she removed the seperators, was expecting some feelings of relief but didnt felt anything. then she took photo and put mould. The lower jaw was okay. And time for the upper jaw with all my aching teeth. She put it in. AND YEAH I COUGHED AND LIKE WANTED TO VOMIT LIKE THAT so she quickly ask me to sit and take the paper on my neck and hold it near my mouth and let the saliva flow out.(lol Drooling... wa lau i felt like some stupid retarded idiot with my mouth wide open[cause of mould] and the saliva FLOWING out and my stupid gong gong blur blur face =P hehe) then i lie back down. THEN, she had difficulty removing the mould.(Oh No!) and after awhile it got out safe and sound.(phew!) After that she put back all EIGHT seperators and yeah the pain was there..

So i took a Taxi back. hahaha the taxi driver was some old guy and was kinda funny. He asked me what road i want to go to Serangoon so i said anything then he told me are you in a hurry? i said no. so okay he took the slower route i think. But, lol..(ahahaha cant help it still laughing.) he still was speeding but when he speeds.. LOL he act like some Racer.. LOL with his face near the screen and looking around quickly and braking and HORNING and stuffs.. ahahaha damn funny(lol sounds lame but you should have seen him it was HILARIOUS) Lol of course i didnt dare to laugh i was just .. Smiling? XD okay enough of that.. lol

Then Saturday! which is today! i woke up.. then my family was planning to go to IKEA! WOOTS! so after eating we went to IKEA! so much furniture..(duh..) It was kinda cool.. lol so we bought A Yellow Egged shape Table,Red two seater sofa, a red Rug, two yellow pillows, bedsheet, A frame with a picture in it,12 Glass champaign cups(Brother's stuffs)A small christmas plant , A Shelf for Shoes(though its a book shelf) , forgotten(Sister's stuffs), A Computer Chair(Those big ones, with armrest.Like some big boss =D. Like in shows those "powerful" people will seat one those big chairs facing the window and then will turn to his table(180 degrees turn) to talk to you,In an Office.), a shelf to put my bags(its a computer shelf to put the CPU) and Pillow case (My stuffs =D) and some other things... was so tired.. went home rest like a few minutes and off to church! and YEAP i manage not to sleep in church although was so freaking tired. Then i went home with my brother and my parents went to my uncle's house

Then after eating dinner, My siblings and i went to fix up the furnitures! hahahaha! was fun.. but very tiring! we fixed up the sofa,my computer table, book shelf, egg table(had some problems with screwing the legs on).Then my parents came home but we havnt finish fixing the egg table as we cant screw so my dad took out his equipments..(we cant find it... and when we found some we didnt know how to use) lol and it was like .. "ZEEEEEEEEEEEEE" and the screw was in.. O_O and we were spending so long just to screw it in and cant.. ahahahaha then my bro and sis went to clear their rooms.. and kept calling me to help them. lol and then my parents also asked me to fix up the computer shelf..(we didnt fix it up because none of us chose it and it was my mum that chose it and we decided to let our mum fix it =P) i helped abit then my dad came and asked us whether can anot.. i immediately said nope.. i cant.. (was so tired! no strength..) lol then we cleared up the house and stuffs till like 12.30++++++++am ahahaha tired.. now im seating on my chair and its really really really really really really really comfy.. so nice that i feel reluctant to go to my bed and sleep and rather sleep on my chair ahahaha okay time to sleep tomorrow have to go tuition =(

Anyway, the goods we all send back ourselves with my uncle help! =D and we had to carry up .. so so.. SOO heavy.. lol.. obviously..-.- =P but just imagine! after walking for hours in IKEA and carrying them and i manage to survive church! =D

My Chair Rocks!
My Chair Rocks!
My Chair Rocks!

1:40 AM

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Went for Holidays! Went To Beijing and Hongkong! So my uncle came to fetch us to the Airport. We checked in and board the plane. So then the plane starts moving, then i thought that once the plane move out of the "plane zone"(as in all the planes there) it is the runway.. but.. the plane have to make one big round then it reach the runway.. it was so dam long and boring.. okay then once it started to fly it take a long time to stabilize and then the shows and stuffs starts.. but.. it was so damn long i fell asleep =P. then woke up.. and saw the first thing playing on my tv screen was.. Pirates Of The Carribean: Dead Man's Chest! Woah! lol i was so excited.. and was like woah cool.. after watching awhile i was curious what other channel was showing.. show i changed channels. and i remember seeing this few movies "My Super EX-Girlfriend, Click, Devil wears prada, Snow white and the seven dwarfs(lol i heard this little boy behind me saying Seven Snow White.. lol anyway his name was Scott and he was in my tour.. his so cute.)" and i cant remember the rest. so i reached Hong Kong walked awhile and board the plane Again.

This time i slept when the plane was driving through the big circle.. and woke up and look through all the shows.. and i didnt know anyone of them..=/ so i watched this show "Tallagenda Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby"(dont really know how spell the Tallagenda) it was so freaking funny.. lol.. loved that movie. so then reached Beijing kinda late. forgot what time then our tour guide,Cindy(i dont know why but i kept thinking its Cyndy..=/), brought us for Supper! cool. then went back to Hotel and theres.. HBO! Omg! woots! and i watched "House Of Wax" it was damn nice...

Next Morning,Morning Call 6.30am, breakfast at 7am and have to board bus at 7.30am..(tired and sleepy) went to Tian An Men (Forbidden City), Nothing special really just some stupid old houses.. kinda boring. then it was so Freaking Cold.. freezing.. and we walked for Hours.. so tired and cold.. and was too cold to take any pictures.. lol(kept my hand in my pocket all the time)then we went to some other place and then have lunch. and then we went dinner and went shopping..(wtf 1 hour only..) and at the streets they sell ..... Fried Scorpions,Fried SeaHorse, Bird, Snakes and lots of disgusting stuffs.. we didnt really shop much just walk our way back to the bus and look through the stalls on the way.. then went back to hotel.. and saw abit of Zoro and then some crappy show didnt really watch it .. was so boring till i slept.

Next Morning Same thing.. morning call and stuff.. we set out for.. WANG LI CHANG CHENG (Great Wall Of China!) we took a group photo then we start to climb. so my mother was holding the camera and me and my dad was walking up the stairs.. turn back and my mum took photo. then walk back up and turn back and my mum took photo.. it was like resting for us when taking photo.. so after climbing Half of 1 section(1 section is damn long dont think its like nothing.. its SOMETHING DAMN TIRING.. lol) my dad say.. aiya.. mummy coming up anot? the camera with her.. then how i take photo? aiya ivan you go down take.. then i was like.. omg .. go down.. and up.. again?! so i went down... took the camera..(was panting already) and Went up without stopping.. and i climb faster than normal.. when i reach my dad.. my legs were aching BAD (by the way the steps of the great wall of china aint regular they are like irregular and damn High.. you have to like raise your foot about like 90 degress to get to a step.. and floor of the step isnt straight they are SLANTED) and it was like jelly.. and i can hardly breathe.. so i sat and rest.. and was aching bad.. my father knew that im a goner.. lol cause it was like one shot go up.. and when we were going up we did rest and i was like one shot go up! so he asked me to go down and rest.. and he continue go up.. then i went down .. after awhile my mum starts to panic and get scared and worry and we go meet our uncle then they all panic together.. lol then my father came down.. and he was like so happy then my mum said " aiya he so happy make us worry so much" lol.. then my dad said he climbed like 10 steps and rest and climb again..(dammit i wanted to climb too! but my mum used up all my energy..)then my dad say he saw this little boy(ITS SCOTT!!) he climbed up to the top so he thought if HE can do it I can do it too! lol so after that we go lunch. then we went to sit Trishaw! so kewl! we set out to this Resort (it is the resort for the Olympics 2008! and it only opens to public next year, Cool huh?) and our room have a balcony and a tub there.. and you can call for hot tub! lol cool huh?! then we have to go somewhere for dinner.. so we walk and walk.. walk quite far.. and reached.. and we have to like to go through some counter thinggy and they will give us a locker and we have to change to their clothes to enter.. =/ so the kids one side and the adults one side and then i went to adults side obviously.. and went i went through they make some hey! or oi! sound la.. then i shocked i thought i have to go to the kiddy side.. but then the girl who as at the counter said "Nan de hai shi nu de?( boy or girl?)" and i was like.. wtf? you blind? and i gave her this weird look and my tour guide quickly said nan de then they give me this band ... for the locker.. so embarrassing...(not so bad la they give some adult guy a girl tag) so went to change.. it was like some hawaii clothes.. blue colour with loads of trees and the word jamaica(dont know how to spell) and the dinner was crappy.. and then they have some performance.. we watched a little and went back hotel.. skipping it..and there was no HBO .. =( i remember watching a little naruto b4 leaving for dinner though..

Then Next morning same thing.. but breakfast was nice! and we left and go some other places.. cant really remember.. but and late Afternoon we went to this Ya Show shopping center and we shop for 1 hour AGAIN.. so little.. and we went to buy a pizza.. for the LONG Journey to Chengde(3 Hours) so we go back bus and my mum so fast asked me to eat the pizza.. so ate it.. and slept..for the journey..but still wake up .. lol and after awhile.. the bus stop.. and suddenly..the lights of the bus went off..(the front lights) i thought what happen.. like is it some wolves or something?(was listening to House Of Wolves - My Chemical Romance at that time =P) and the windows were filled with water droplets.. cause of the coldness outside and the warmness in the bus.. and then realise theres a Traffic Accident.. and we like trapped there for 2 hours.. and was then after the accident we went to the toilet.. the "clean" one was close so we went to the "dirty" one.. i expected aiya dirty nvm la at least can piss.. then what the hell.. the toilet is like.. just a little rectangle block like a drain.. and we have to piss in there OPEN AIR.. i tried pissing but nothing come out =P too cold maybe? XD then we head to the hotel.. and was like midnight and we have our dinner.. then this Sec 1 going Sec 2 next year guy.. called Walter and VERY fussy over food he said this
Walter: why did they want the accident?
My Aunt: It is unexpected. its not they want it.. everyone doesnt want it
Walter: but why didnt the tour guide says so?
Walter's Mother: It is unexpected.. the tour guide also didnt know they will have an accident.
Walter: Ya but why the tour guide didnt say? why she didnt warn us or something.
My Aunt: It is unexpected nobody knows what will happen.
Walter: but why....
Walter's Mum: shut up and eat your food (interrupting him)
[Again this is roughly what they said]
Damn his very irritating. and i expected better knowledge from a Sec 1 Nerd.. If the tour guide is to warn us.. she have to name every thing that might happen..! so freaking dumb.. she have to say oh theres might be a earth quake, tornado,tsunami,flood,accident,strikes,War,terrorist,volcano errupt, the sun come crashing down on earth, Doom's Day, the earth explode, etc.
never ending.. anyway so we head to our room.. and at the corridoor i already have a REALLY BAD FEELING... i remembered my tuition teacher said that she had a cornor room and it was haunted.. and lucky ours is just beside the cornor rooms.. so i thought i can relax abit but when i turn to the door theres the " Do Not Disturb " Sign.. and it was like no one was in.. and was SO FREAKY .. i was freaking out already.. so i tried opening the door .. cant open ... then try a few more times and it open and i push open wide the door.. afraid.. and saw almost all the furniture were white..(the chairs and beds) and scared.. entered.. and the heater was on.. was so hot.. then i tried offing the Do not disturb sign.. cant.. its like even when they show its off.. outside its still on.. really had a bad feeling.. anyway Chengde's temperature was like lowest -15 highest -5.. and beijing was lowest 0 and highest 7? and the chengde's hotel doesnt have HBO.. tsk..

then next morning get out of that freaky room and heading back to Beijing after lunch. so at the restaurant when having lunch.. i was hesitating whether should go toilet or not ... cause just went before eating.. so decided not to.. and went we our journey starts.. i realise i really should go to toilet.. and i was like abit urgent.. lol so TAHAN!! and then..slept.. really helped alot .. reduce my suffering.. then woke up.. TAHAN again.. and realise.. THE BUS WENT WRONG DIRECTION! OMG! so we have to drive BACK again.. and i was like.. omg no hope.. im so gonna die.. needa piss.. and i saw this worker pissing at the road side.. and that made me worse.. and i tahan tahan.. then the bus slowed down although theres no cars around.. ITS A TOILET BREAK! i rush down.. and the toilet was.. CLOSE.. and i was like oh my gawd.. nooo.. and then the driver point opposite theres another toilet.. but have to pay.. and quickly cross road and peed.. woah.. felt great.. went back bus.. feeling so relieved.. XD then we reach Beijing and went to this Dr. Tea and cant help noticing this pretty waitress helping out pouring tea.. haha shes so pretty! and shy! so cute! lol =P >< okay enough of that.. then we went to this Foot Reflexology.. lol and soaked my feet in hot water with some medicine.. and i cant have the massage cause im too young.. aww and then there were some guys looking at palms.. and one guy saw my uncle's palm and said thats theres a clot at his back and he insist on removing it with Qi Gong! no pain.. no surgery or anything.. his a government worker or something.. and people ask him to help them he wont help. and he insisting on helping my uncle... kewl.. so my uncle was afraid.. and but still went.. lol and yeah the blood came out, didnt witness it though. and the 2 girls massaging my uncle and aunt feet talked to me.. they were friendly.. lol and they tried using Basic Chinese and explain to me in a simpler way.. was kinda fun.. lol ..

So we have to wake up earlier next morning.. like 4am morning call.. cause our flight is like 7 or 8 like that.. so i planned not to sleep (by the way we went back to the first hotel with HBO) i watched White Chicks.. then the next movie was kinda boring.. and slept.. sigh.. so then in the morning when we were carrying our luggages to the bus i fell down infront of the bus.. lol.. so paiseh.. not injured though..

So the Flight To Hong Kong!!i watched My Super Ex-GirlFriend lol was kinda nice.. abit boring.. then we land.. and after awhile my sis and bro's plane landed too.. too bad we didnt take the same bus.. so we met at the hotel.. lol was starving.. went to eat and went to our room.. rest awhile and head out for shopping! we shop around the streets.. lol

Next Day, we had Breakfast and they gave us tea.. and after drinking the tea.. we realise the tea was to wash the cups ! OMG LOL.. then we went to Times Square taking MTR(the train) and i bought a Zara Suede Suit which Cost $999!!!! OMG!?!?!?!?!! HK money =P convert to Singapore around $199.. lol then we went to Harbour City.. Sogo.. and then went back to hotel put down our stuffs and SHOP AGAIN! lol (By the way we had Crystal Jade Xiao Long Bao for lunch taste like singapore no difference) and we shopped till Midnight then went for Dinner.. lol ( i ate Chou Tou Fu! it was Smelly but it was nothing special.. its just like fried tofu.. dont know why people say chou tou fu was so nice.. its just Fried tofu which is smelly.. ) and went to bed.. [Amazing! shopped the Whole DAY!]

Next day went shopping again.. half day and went to airport.. leaving Hong Kong.. aww..and the plane have "Little Miss Sunshine(R Rated.. lol)","You,me and dupree","the Ballad of Ricky Bobby","too fast too furious:tokyo Drift". so my brothehr said Little Miss Sunshine was nice.. won some winning award.. but he watched the ballad of ricky bobby.. lol my sis too.. they both laughed a lot.. lol so.. Little Miss Sunshine.. dont really understand.. its R Rated cause of loads of Vulgar language.. lol it was okay okay... not bad.. so then we took a Maxi Cab back.. woah Maxi Cab was nice... lol and next day have to go band.. =.=

So next day went for band.. used new instrument.. was at total lost.. =/ cannot catch up.. lol blah blah blah

next day.. tuesday.. night packing bag for sir camp which is now.. okay logging off .. bye! going camp tomorrow..

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