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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Went for SIR's Camp.

So first went to E Maths remedial. Then Jingrui,Alif,Gary,Me and who else? hmm forgot headed down to MJS through the main gate as the side gate was locked. So saw the same old irritating security guards and signed in. So yeah, went to Staff Lounge blah blah. Played Soccer in the courtyard and Mr Khoo said cant play. Played at the carpark again he said cant. What the heck? lol so ya blah blah...

Lots of Taupoks in the camp. And at night around 9pm watched the Army Days that Sir showed to the primary kids. Then later at night,Hongzheng tried to trick Clarence to play some Maze game where at the third stage its hard to complete and suddenly a scary picture will ccome out that one.. LOL. So yeah ONLY Clarence dont know about it. So he played and we went to one corner and cover our ears and laugh at him while he is trying. Then Hongzheng keep telling Clarence to CONCENTRATE MORE. LOL.I REALLY CANT WAIT TO SEE HIS FREAKING SCARED FACE SCREAMING LIKE A ....... DONT KNOW? LOL. But in the end the picture didnt appear and i did not know why.. ): So then Daric went to play and Jingrui stopped him but Daric insisted. lol. Yeah then the Scary picture appeared and EVERYONE SCREAMED. AND I WAS FRIGHTENED BY THE SCREAM LOL. yeah SCREAM.

After than we watched Borat. Laggy Borat.. sucky comp. Tried to stay awake but slept cause nothing to do and comp was too laggy. Only Clarence and HongZheng didnt sleep cause they were playing with their Friendster. =/

After Sir's Camp, i have the CHURCH CAMP :D CONFIRMATION CAMP. :D
Yeah so i was in Group 5. Members are Glynis,Joshua,Kevin,Priscilla and Vanessa. Our Facils are Andre,Irwin,Paul and Trisha. haha.
Yeah 4 days 3 nights i think.
We had Sessions and Games. But what are the main events in the camp for ME is the Pray Over, Reconciliation and Confession.

So the Pray Over.
Before the Pray Over we had Dinner and before Dinner we watched the Passion Of The Christ. Yeah pretty painful seeing Jesus getting tortured ): The Agony, The Pain, The Suffering. ):
okay enough of Passion Of The Christ ( Hey i just realized its also POTC :D)
So the Pray Over. Same as Last year, but this year in the Church Hall. Singing Songs praising the Lord while waiting for our turn. And the Hall was darkened and it's quite cold.And so i was hesitating whether should i open my heart to the Lord? Cause im quite nervous and afraid i guess..

Kay so since i was Group 5 soon was my turn.
So i walked up to the Group of people. So the main one talked to me, asked me whats my name, tell me about Pray over and not to be afraid and asked me whether i have any questions. So i said no and i closed my eyes as he starts to pray in Tongues(Language of the Holy Spirit i think..) Then i can feel my hair standing, then i felt the WARMNESS and something Flowing through me. Then i felt a force that pushed me. So i was thinking should i let go or just resist? So i tried to Resist. And then i felt another Force, so i just let go =D and Boom. fell to the floor but there are people there to catch me. lol. So i think i was smiling. Then the guy came to be and said to relax and told me to pray and take my own time so he started to pray again. I felt again the Warmness and Something Flowing Through Me. And i felt the Force again, Pushing me to the ground. My Body feels Heavy but comfortable. I feel warm and very comfortable. Then i saw a BRIGHT LIGHT.=D Then i heard 2 people started to pray over me. Then one went off.
And the force now was kind of weaker. So i didnt know what to do next so i just opened my eyes and i only see a guy and not a group. Lol. Yeah so that was it. :D My Little Experience with God =D.

Then Reconciliation. It was Damn Touching and Emotional. It is something that just cant be described.. Something just so wonderful and yet so sad. Almost everyone cried. But i held on to my tears. Though i seriously think that if i cry it would be better. ): Yeah so what is happening that is so touching and emotional? We are made to reflect about our Parents, what we did to them, the joy or suffering we brought them. Then we have to write a letter to them, telling them sorry or thank you for the stuffs or just anything that you have been Longing to say to them. As we write they gave out the letters that our Parents wrote to us. Many Cried...): it was VERY Touching. Then after we wrote finish our letters, we head down to the Church and meet up with our Parents where we will go and wash their feets. Forgiveness and Humiliation.( lol i saw that at one of the powerpoint slides :P) Yeah that was touching and stuffs =D.

Then lastly Confession. We are brought to the room where they offed the lights and fill the place with torn out news paper all over the floor and Graffiti the walls ( spray on paper and paste on wall ) Some of the words are "Death, Despair, Gluttony, Blasphemy" thats all i remembered i think.. lol Yeah so that place was to signify Hell. A Dirty place and uncomfortable place. So then we reflected on our sins and slowly one by one head to the 2nd level for Confession. So when i was waiting for Confession i was quite nervous as i hate confession and i dont know why too. So the priest i got was Father Brian. lol. Yeah i was DAMN NERVOUS. yeah so confessed my sins and not gonna tell you what they are :P AND I WOULD APPRECIATE IF YOU DONT TRY TO GUESS IT ON MY TAGBOARD. PLEASE SHOW SOME RESPECT THANKS.Then head down to the Chapel to pray and the Facils have to standin order showing us the way from the 2nd level ALL the way to the Chapel. lol kind of funny.. kept trying to hold my laughter. xD So after praying. Row by Row go up to the Prayer Room and tada, they held a small party for us and that room now Signifies Heaven. So i think is we were in Hell and we reflected, and confessed our sins and we went down to Purgatory(i think this is how it is spelled.) and reflect and pray and then go up to Heaven. Tada~ :D haha :D

Yeah so Confirmation Camp was GREAT.I learn a lot of stuffs there and i know one thing.
I know that, I LOVE JESUS =D

Yeah so Yesterday went out with Daric,Jingrui,Weeong,Gary,Clarence and Hongzheng to watch Movie. We watched Shrek3. Yeah was Funny and Clarence was laughing the loudest and the most in the Cinema. heh. Right.....

So Tonight. Going to take a bus to Genting. And rot there i suppose? Hah wish me luck.
Hope i survive the trip. Night Trip hope driver dont sleep >< I LOVE JESUS

5:07 PM

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Cheered up much. Special thanks to those who advised me(June,Darling Mer Mer, Yiming and Hafiz) :D

I cant sleep... Im nocturnal once again. Damn. Its all WoW's fault. Damn you WoW.

Lalala~ =/ Im bored. I cant sleep. Damn. =/ lalala~


3:54 AM

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Last night played WoW till 5am XD then went to bed. Woke up at about 7am+ and head to school for Band. Reached school at 8am, late by 15minutes and had to do 20 pushups as punishment by Mr Tan. Then Mr Tan said he is marking me cause i have been late often. =/ Sigh.. (not bad already lor.. 5am sleep.. manage to go school at 8am.. look at those who came later than me =/)

Then head down to Whitley for our last day of the Day camp. Awwww..... ): lol. So set up instruments and have sectionals training on Bflat major and C major and Chromatic Major scales. Then combine and tuned and practice scales and played Star Wars:EPISODE II =D

Then Jeremy was beside me and kept talking and saying lame jokes and irritating me....and Justin. Lol.

Jeremy: What comes after center?
Ivan: dont know?
Jeremy: Claus. (Santa Claus.[Center and Santa sounds almost the same])

Jeremy: Chinese walk, Indian Jump, Bangla ...?
Jeremy:Dash. (Bangla-desh)

Lol lame....

Anyway after that we pack up and left Whitley ): AWWWW.... ):

Whitley Secondary really did made some impact in my Band life. I had lost interest in Band before the SYF, till i went for the Band Exchange and saw how much more better other bands was and gain back that interest. After SYF lose interest le, but after the camp i gain back interest again. THANKS WHITLEY! =D

So went back to school and put instruments back in the band room and fall out, then Mr tan and Miss Ong said they wanted to see the temporary section leaders. So i went to buy Green tea. came back and went to kaypoh kay poh abit..

Mr Tan talked about the practice on Monday thinggy...

Then we(Me,Clarence,Melvin and Jeremy and dont know got anymore anot) talked to Miss Ong. So Clarence is able to go to the Footdrill Assessment during the Church Camp as Miss Ong was able to persuade the person in charge of the church camp. I didn't inform the person in charge for my Church so have to skip Footdrill assessment.

So Miss Ong said that I cannot be Band Major or Drum Major already if i dont take that assessment........................................................................... ): So i thought aim for Deputy! And yeah Miss Ong said she MIGHT be removing the Deputy post since the Deputy doesn't do much work and the Section Leaders are doing more than the Deputy. And also our batch think too little people, and what for so many at the top and how bout the below? SIGH....

Yeah. So my hopes of being one of the EXCO in Band was gone. Totally Gone.. Poof! GONE.

So took bus home feeling rather sad and reflected......

I still remember when i was Secondary 1 and in the Band. I saw Kenneth and Wilson(Band Major and Drum Major) of the band during the promotion day. I saw their rank, MASTER SERGEANT, yeah was big and nice. And there i wanted to get that rank and post. Then i went home and told my brother about it, he said can you be in the first place? Yeah, i want to proof him that i can, since last time i said that my PSLE results will be higher than him and also i will grow taller than him =X but my PSLE score was the lowest in the family and im still shorter than him i think. So yeah this is my only chance to proof him wrong.

I tried my best to get what i wanted. I went through Ups and Downs in Band, affected by friends but try to persevere on. Till Secondary Three, where i thought i might have the chance of getting the post that i really wanted. But,members came and sprout nonsense on who is becoming the BM and DM and stuffs and yeah i was greatly affected. Then the Secondary Four graduate from band. Yeah i really THOUGHT i had a chance. But uptill now, this Afternoon. My hopes were gone. Killed. Sigh.....

Hopes of proving my brother wrong.
Hopes of being one of the EXCO.
Hopes of showing what i can really do.
Hopes of pushing myself over the limit.

Hah, How much more pathetic can i be? ):

Wait....... did i really have the chance to be EXCO in the first place? Heh.

*[Anyone who makes fun of me infront of me cause of this matter. Heh. You will receive something far much worse than hell from me >=) ]*


9:51 PM

Friday, June 01, 2007

Monday went for A Maths remedial. After that was planning to buy the World of Warcraft Prepaid Card since June misses me alot :P awww.... So was walking with Jingrui though he had nothing to buy and just accompanying me (hah what a good friend :P) Then came Mr. Zaraki Kenpachi(ChongJun) and asked whether want to go and watch Pirates of the Carribean later on. So yeah we agreed. So after buying the WoW prepaid, rushed home.

So went home and bathe and stuffs. Then my mum ordered this food delivery thing for 20days (for this Hols) yeah because she doesnt want me to keep eating instant noodles ): So yeah the delivery thinggy was kinda late. I suppose to meet CJ they all at ... umm i mean Zaraki they all at 12.30pm at Hougang station was it? hmm forgot timing. Anyway the food thinggy came at 12.45pm lol so i asked them to go Serangoon station and wait for me. Then Jingrui called me and asked where i am, so i replied On The Way (actually wearing my shoes at home :P) yeah so i quickly walk there. Halfway, i realise i forgotten my watch, so go back and took it.

I asked them to go first but they waited for me :D. Yeah reach the MRT and saw CHONG JUN with his whacko hair style totally like Zaraki Kenpachi and we keep calling him Zaraki Kenpachi haha, he also sprayed his hair pink O_O so reach there about 1pm+ went to buy tickets at 2pm. So Ignatius and Jingrui was hungry, so went to eat then watched the movie.
Yeah my teeth still hurts cause of braces so cant eat popcorn): but drank alot lol. So Jingrui and Ignatius said that there is still more after the credits. lol. So before the credits i was already high tide, actually most of us. EXCEPT ZARAKI KENPACHI. Power! lol. Yes the damn bloody credits was damn bloody long, lucky Jingrui and Nestor who went to the toilet during the movie but too bad they missed out some parts :P

So after the movie, hang around and go back to Hougang where i received a phone call which totally spoiled my day.....zz. yeah mood totally changed. So went to eat and go to tuition with Jingrui.

Tuesday! Woke up at 9am. And yeah i knew i was going to be late for A Maths as it starts at 9.30am and ends at 10.30am. So wash up, bathe blah blah blah ... and it was 9.30am :D took a bus down to Montfort and tadah! 10am! :D So i entered the class biting my lower lips giving the guilty and sorry look LOL! and when Ms Choy saw me i dont know why she also went to bite her lower lips lol. Yeah phew she didnt scold me :D Then after A Maths i realise that Physics was actually 8.30am-9.30am when i thought Physics was AFTER A Maths. =O Yeah felt kinda guilty XD.

Wednesday! First day of the Band Day Camp with Whitley! Morning manage to go to Physics on TIME :D and after that have A Maths. Then head down to Whitley for lunch. After lunch, warm up, tuned and stuffs and tried to play this Daniel's Chorale thinggy and yeah..>< Mr Sukit asked us to go for sectionals. Then after go back and play again lol. So Mr Sukit asked me to count the number of people going for the Brass Concert at NYJC on Friday and give him the number. So i went to every section and asked and total i got 26 people. So left our instruments there and head back to Montfort. So received our Band t-shirts and head home to get ready for tuition again. ): Then finally played WoW with June :D Run through a SM(Scarlet Monastery) run and slept in the middle of it LOL. Woke up when they was about to kill the boss so went to help haha.

Thursday! Vesak Day. Nothing much.. morning went tuition AGAIN.. this time four hours and was totally tired cause of WoW XD and cant concentrate. Came home sleeeep and blah blah blah..

Friday! Was ABIT late for English remedial. Mrs Lee didn't say anything :D. So was given this stack of papers to do and read. Sigh. Then left for Whitley! Yeah the driver went to the wrong Whitley haha. So reached Whitley and have our lunch. Then Mr Sukit asked me to collect the money after lunch. Yeah collected only like umm 18 people.... WHAT THE HECK?! EIGHTEEN PEOPLE WHEN I GOT TWENTY SIX?! LOL DIE~. So told Mr Sukit and hehe.... =/ So set up instrument tune, warm up and play STAR WARS : EPISODE 2! haha. Yeah, nice song. Love it :D Then going end of the practise, Kenneth Ang,Kamal,Joshua,Hongzheng and Jiawei came. That makes it 23 people! short of 3 . Damn. Then Mr Sukit was whining about me cheating his 30 bucks >< lol. So was kind of freaking tired and irritated. Dont know why..=/ ( Not because of Sukit ) Yeah so reached NYJC with headache and irritatedness. The concert was damn nice! :D totally enjoyable. Loved the solos and jazz~.

After concert, we didn't go back with Whitley and was thinking of going Serangoon Ave 3 or Ave 2. So they go Ave3 so i follow lor haha. Then dont know la all lost and stuffs was freaking irritated and head spinning le.. cannot take it le.. One bus came which can go to Serangoon Interchange and Jeremy asked them to go but they dont want. Bleah. So the same bus came again then cannot stand already i took the bus with Jeremy and Jia wei. then head home. Now freaking giddy and tired.. head spinning.. wooh~ HIGH! Tonight 6am spree! CHOING AR! but first. SLEEP!

7:24 PM

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